Syria Electronic Souq

Service Definition

The first licensed electronic market in Syria, which aims to form an electronic link between the owners of goods, merchandise, collectibles and various services, whether new or used, and the people who wish to obtain these exhibits.

Syria's website displays, through its specialized interactive doors, everything that is sold and bought from residential and commercial real estate to furniture, building materials, cars and electricals of all kinds, and all products and commodities that are being traded and needed by the consumer, whether they are new or used. It also provides advertising and promotion services for commercial offices, law offices, and medical and cosmetic clinics. It provides a comprehensive view of the movement of buying and selling and the atmosphere of supply and demand for various products and commodities. Therefore, it is an effective and instantaneous promotional means through which you can sell, offer and buy any product or service not on appointment.

Advertising Options

The Syria Market website offers a wide range of advertising options through a group of distinctive spaces with prominent appearance across the site's pages, in addition to its pages on social networking sites with wide spread and follow-up.

Contact Addresses

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