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Service Definition

AlMashhad Magazine

A comprehensive monthly economic magazine, concerned with local, regional and global economic affairs, through a network of editors, analysts and experts who monitor the economic environment and the implications of changes in supply and demand processes in the markets. It also sheds light on the economic reality with its various activities through direct and exclusive meetings with the most important figures of economists and entrepreneurs. , public opinion figures, artists and intellectuals.

AlMashhadOnline Website

A comprehensive electronic platform that deals with the affairs of our daily lives with its diversity, richness and creativity, and seeks to present the full picture of the social, cultural and sports scene, and all that is new from news at all levels. Al-Mashhad Online is your gateway to the world of business, women, men, art, and beauty.

Advertisting Options

Al-Mashhad Magazine and Al-Mashhad Online website offer a wide range of advertising options through the paper version of the magazine, and through a group of distinctive spaces with prominent appearance across the pages of the site, in addition to its pages on social networking sites with wide spread and follow-up.

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